One day Garland Jack made 6 secret sauces & blah, blah let's eat!

Original Flavor

How did Garland Jack make the original taste even MORE ORIGINAL? We're not really sure, but in this bottle You'll taste the perfect balance of sweet and smokey goodness.

Hickory Spice

Tanginess with a bite mixed with a brown spice blend - finish with hickory smoke and voila. That's French for "Great BBQ"

Made with real sugar

Country Honey

This brings jack back to his country roots... or maybe just his love to smother meat in sauce. Either way, if you like smoke, spice, and honey, you'll love this.

Squealin Hot

This sauce starts off sweet then finishes with chipotle pepper spice. Yes, it's hot. No, you cannot light your grill with it

Made with real sugar

Sweet n' Sticky Molasses

Made with sweet molasses and a kick of smokiness. This isn't a stick to your ribs sauce. This is a stick to everything sauce.

Sweet Brown Sugar

A sweet blend of brown sugar and spice undertones. The only thing sweeter than this sauce is Garland Jack himself and he rescues lost puppies.

Made with real sugar
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Here are some grilling tips Garland Jack would like you to know, if he was REAL.

It's only BBQ Yes, we just said that.

The 100% real made up story of Garland Jack...

There are other secrets to find

Who are we kidding? This is Total Bull

The Truth is, BBQ is whatever you make it. So don't be afraid to break the rules and take back your grill from BBQ elites everywhere. Cook how you want. Where you want. And with whomever you want.

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Days until Kickoff!
Psst, pick a sauce to uncover our secrets. Great job uncovering our secrets. Well done, grill dragon. Well done. You found us. Again. So hot. Pigs can't fly, steaks can. There really is no secret, there I said it.
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